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There are quite a few programs that make use of the. LPI - Laser Business Information, RPI - Radian Price Information References External links Windows DVD Maker Category:Windows CD/DVD writing software Category:Windows media playersMelissa Harris-Perry, a Rhodes Scholar who taught at Tulane, the University of North Carolina and Princeton, is the author of "Sister Citizen: How Our Lady of Perpetual Guidance Can Change Your Life." I am delighted to celebrate the election of President Barack Obama, a man who brings the depth, breadth, and humanity of his being to the presidency. I am also inspired by the vision of a man of such scope and compassion who combines intellect with moral clarity. But in all of this, I am struck by a minor epiphany that I want to share with you. The Great Society, the most ambitious and ambitious president in the modern era, was, in part, an abdication of white male privilege. For the first time in American history, there was a black man who was willing to step into the shoes of those who had been charged with the responsibility to lead the country. For all of the great accomplishments of the Great Society, there is still the unmitigated shame of the fact that when President Lyndon B. Johnson proposed the landmark War on Poverty to Congress, not one Republican voted for it. In the nearly 50 years since its passage, the political left has rallied around "let's get back to the things that made America great" and "let's get back to the values that built this country" and "the rest of us are still waiting" and "we know what's best for you." But the rest of us who do not identify as Progressives are still waiting for someone to make it happen. We are waiting for someone who will take our concerns, regardless of party affiliation, and offer concrete solutions, now. I am convinced that we can have both. In fact, the Great Society was one of the defining moments that crystallized my faith in the political process. It exposed the absurdity of the idea that conservatives somehow represent "the people." There are not a lot of people who are black or brown in this country; but there are a lot of people who have been screwed by the system. It is my hope that we, who consider ourselves progressives, recognize the power of storytelling. Let's re-im




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